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D&H Service is a family owned and operated HVAC Company that has been proudly serving the Omaha metro area for over 25 years. Founded on the basis of loyalty, quality, and always doing the right thing, we continue to maintain a commitment to ensuring 100% satisfaction with our customers. Our technicians have NEVER made a commission on sales but
rather offer sound and responsible advice based on the genuine needs of our customers.

We specialize in heating, cooling, commercial refrigeration, construction, and energy savings solutions for both residential, commercial clients.14

Today, we are proud to announce a partnership with CFM Industries, becoming your local source for York Heating and Air Conditioning Products. York, unlike many manufacturers, is one of the last remaining companies that have American made, American engineered, and American assembled HVAC products. Made and assembled right here in the Midwest.

For more information visit, or call us for a free commercial or residential estimate using York equipment.

Company Information:

Dave Hodges started D&H Service in 1994, dedicated to providing top quality service with honesty and integrity. He set his sights on running a family owned business that was founded on deeply rooted values. Over the years, as the company has grown in people, clientele, and service offerings, D&H Services remains committed to its Core Values. Chris Barnhart came into D&H Service in 2000 as the company’s Office Manager. As the company grew she moved into the Director of Operations role, and in 2011, Dave and Chris became partners in owning D&H Service. Together, they have a shared vision of providing quality, efficient, and customer-focused service. We employ only the most trustworthy, skilled, and courteous team members. All of our technicians are certified and take annual classes to maintain their licenses and enhance their skills.

Certifications & Licensing:



If you are like most, you want your home to be your haven, a place where you and your family can find comfort and peace. this is why it is important to choose the right heating and cooling company. At D&H Service, we offer a wide range of comfort choices for you and your family.    As well as energy efficient solutions that can save you money. When you choose to work with us at D&H, we will arrange a time most convenient for your schedule to assess your current heating and cooling needs.

It is important to remember that our technicians DO NOT make a commission on selling parts or equipment; so your best interest is always at hand. 


Residential Service Contracts allow our customers to save money annually. By keeping your equipment maintained and running efficiently you are reducing high energy costs and/or repair costs. This contract includes bi-annual checks in which a certified technician will clean and examine your heating and cooling systems, making sure your equipment is working efficiently. When purchasing this contract you will also receive 20% off any parts needed, reminder calls bi-annually, maintenance records, NO overtime costs, and priority status in an emergency. Ask us about the tremendous benefits you will receive through our contracts.

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Air Conditioning, heating, and refrigeration are critical aspects of the daily operations in most businesses. It is of great importance that your business atmosphere is comfortable in order to accommodate your clientele; your success depends on it. D&H Service takes great pride in providing a comfortable environment making sure that all your HVAC/R needs are met. We provide many services to ensure your success such as commercial refrigeration, thermostat control, heating cooling, and ventilation.






Commercial Service Contracts allow commercial customers to save money annually. This contract includes bi-annual or quarterly checks in which a certified technician will clean and examine your heating, cooling, and refrigeration systems; making sure your equipment is working efficiently. These contracts are packaged specifically for your business. Our certified technician will come out and survey your equipment and together you’ll come up with an individual plan to fit your needs. These contracts not only save you money by keeping your equipment running efficiently, you also receive a set percentage off any parts, maintenance records, NO overtime costs, and priority status in an emergency. Ask us about the tremendous benefits you will receive through our contracts.

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“Good Morning Chris. Jill and I want to thank you and Dave for all your help. The furnace is working great, your guys were very professional and they cleaned up everything!!! Having your own business you tend to notice the little things, and I can attest that your guys are a class act! Thanks Again” — Eric and Jill D.

“D&H Service has been my HVAC specialist for many years. The technicians have always done a superior job and always explain the work that is being done. Additionally, your technicians do not try to sell work that doesn’t need to be done; only what needs to be done. Your technicians always call prior to the appointment and present themselves in a professional manner. They clean up after their work has finished and are very concerned about keeping the house clean when moving around to check the equipment. Thanks!” – Pat K

“I have known Dave Hodges for a very long time and have depended on him and his team to provide me with their expert advice and services when it comes to heating and air conditioning. When I called on Dave to replace my furnace and A/C with energy efficient systems, he recommended the IQ Drive Heat Pump and a Furnace-Coil System. Based on his recommendation, we moved forward with both units. I have gone through one winter and into my first summer with AMAZING results! I am on propane and normally would have had to fill my tank 3 times a winter. This last winter, it was just once. Not only does the house feel much more comfortable, both winter and summer, but I am saving a lot of money on propane costs! Thanks Dave and your entire team!”- Dave M.

“Chris and D&H, please enjoy some homemade cookies on the Di Masi’s! I am not sure what happened to winter! It was a long one. Thank you all for doing such a great job. You always seem to have a smile, go the extra mile while our heat and A/C stay working. Thank goodness for D & H!” – The Di Masi Clan
“My furnace quit working close to the weekend and my regular repairman, who was out of town, referred me to D&H, as he had done work for and with them in the past. It was a Friday, right after our first harsh snow storm and cold snap of the year. It was a long process, involving a few trips to my house, as they tried to find and repair the problem through the process of elimination in the most cost-efficient way. I was frustrated and even a bit angry. However, D&H’s professionalism and customer service was outstanding! They got my furnace up and running even better than before and at a more than fair price. They went way out of their way to accommodate me, a “difficult” customer. I definitely recommend them and will continue to use their services myself when needed.” – Kathy

“I love everyone at D&H Service and think they are the best in the city — maybe even the world.” -Judy K.


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Did you know that leaving your thermostat at the same setting all day every day is costing you money? According to Energy Star, it could cost you nearly $200 a year. When you are away from home for long periods of time, you should raise your thermostat 5-8 degrees during the summer and lower the temperature by 10 degrees in the winter. The US Dept. of Energy says this will save you 15% or more on your energy bill. Remembering to adjust the thermostat can be difficult. That is where investing in a programmable thermostat not only comes in handy, it pays for itself. Programmable thermostats can be set to your schedule so that it automatically makes these adjustments for you. ...

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6 days ago


Should your furnace/AC fan be set to "on" or "Auto"? Set it to ON. Why? Air is always being cycled through your furnace filtration system when your fan is continually running. The result is better air quality since particles are constantly being removed from your air. Keeping the fan running also means a more evenly distributed temperature throughout your home. No pockets of hot and cold. Will it cause more wear to the system? No. it actually can improve the reliability and life span of your system due to decreased starts and stops. ...

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During the summer, ceiling fans should be moving counterclockwise as you look up at them. The downdraft can make a room feel up to 8 degrees cooler, reducing the use of your A/C. Turn fans off when you are not in the room. ...

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Why does it have to be 60-65 Degrees When My A/C is checked?

1.) Under 60 degrees, the refrigerant may not vaporize completely, and you then have liquid refrigerant being sent to the compressor. The compressor is designed for gas, which is more easily compressed than fluid. If you attempt to pump liquid through the system, you run minimal risk of damaging the compressor.
2.) If the liquid freon doesn’t vaporize completely, technicians cannot get an accurate reading, leaving a possibility of your unit being under/overcharged.

With that said, now is the time to call and schedule that check. If the weather doesn't permit we will reschedule. Don't wait until it's too hot and we are weeks out! 402-493-1500

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Reduce Allergens in Your Home This Spring!
With a crazy winter behind us, it’s time to look forward to some of the most amazing days of the year. Unless you’re one of the millions who suffer from seasonal allergies. For those people (myself included), we’re entering the most miserable time of year. Luckily, spring HVAC maintenance can drastically reduce allergens in your home and help relieve allergy symptoms, allowing you to breathe easy.
1.) Purchase high-quality furnace filters, check monthly and replace at least every three months. A dirty filter will NOT trap debris and could cause damage to your system. Every year we get NO cool/NO heat calls that are related to dirty filters.
2.) Get rid of debris around the outdoor unit. The outdoor AC unit pulls air from the outside into your home. whatever is surrounding your AC is coming into your home. Make sure fencing, plants, and shrubs are a minimum of 2 to 3 feet away from the base of your unit for ventilation.
3.) Schedule a biannual maintenance appointment. Spring and Fall are great times to schedule HVAC maintenance appointments. During this time, we will check and clean your HVAC equipment, change the filter, and make sure everything is running sufficiently. This includes clearing debris from the coil, checking for mold around the unit, and other recommendations to improve the efficiency of your unit and your overall air quality. If allergies are still getting the best of you, we have accessories such as UV lights that can be added to your equipment. UV lights will help kill mold, bacteria, and other allergens providing a healthier indoor air quality.
4.) Have your ducts cleaned every 3-5 years. Dust and debris build up in the ducting of your HVAC system and circulates through the home. If you notice dust build up around the register, obvious thick dirt in ducts and/or a mold smell, it’s time to schedule a duct cleaning. What else can determine the need to clean your ducts? Pets, moving into a new home, construction to the home or outside the home or if you are experiencing unknown allergic reactions while in the home.

Call the office today for more information on improving your indoor air quality. 402-493-1500

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