80% efficient furnaces to be phased out.

Buying a new furnace will be getting a lot more expensive. Starting in the year 2013 the Federal Government is mandating new energy guidelines  for furnace installs. New furnaces have to be a minimum of 90% efficient. This may sound like a really good thing, but in many ways it is not.

Most of our customers choose some type of 80% furnace. There are a lot of models available that can improve the comfort, safety, and efficiency of almost any home.

The units that are being phased out can have several advantages when looking at the big picture.

A.)  The 80% furnaces can make fitting to existing duct-work and A/C systems easier. (otherwise an additional expense)

B.) Using the existing flue system means that there is no need to add new piping through the home. (an additional expense)

C.) In most cases the initial cost for a 90% or above furnace will be a minimum of $1000-$1500 more then a 80% furnace. This can buy a lot of energy.

D.) Often times the actual energy difference is so little that the payback period can take 10+ years.

If you are do for a new furnace, your furnace is 12 years or older, or you want to take advantage of the 80% furnace… your time is running out.

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