Question: Is it true that Freon (Refrigerant) should be added to my unit every year to assure peak performance?

Answer: No, in fact Freon should never have to be added. If it must be replaced every year, then there is likely an expensive leak that should be found.


Question: Is changing the filter in my furnace once a month too often?

Answer: Not at all, changing your furnace filter once a month can be very good. A dirty filter can account for a 10% increase in monthly energy bills, so keeping it new and fresh is a big positive.


Question: Is routine maintenance really necessary? Doesn’t the phrase “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” apply?

Answer: Routine maintenance offers cost-savings and peace of mind. Checking your equipment regularly allows for detection of small problems that could eventually lead to expensive large problems if left unrepaired. Up to 80% of all air conditioning and heat pump compressor failures could have been eliminated if the problems that lead to the failure were diagnosed in the early stages.


Question: Will closing off registers in rooms that are not being used actually save me money on my electric bill?

Answer: Unfortunately, shutting off air flow in these rooms can eventually ruin the compressor, resulting in costly repairs or unit replacement.


Question: Does keeping my thermostat at the same temperature all day long save me money?

Answer: It’s actually more efficient and cost-effective to use a programmable thermostat. Your heater uses less energy to heat your house in the morning than it does if it was to try and keep your home the same temperature throughout the day.