Residential Maintenance Plans

Our Preferred Customer Agreement Plan offers:

• Two service calls, one in the spring and one in the fall • These service calls will help to cut down high energy costs by keeping your equipment maintained and running efficiently • Priority status in an emergency • 20% off of all parts needed • Notification when it is time to schedule your service check • Maintenance and repair records are kept on file

Our technicians will do all of the following in a seasonal service check:

• Test Blower Motor & Amp Draw • Check A/C for Level • Test Motor Start Capacitor • Inspect A/C Lines for Restrictions • Inspect Blower Motor • Inspect Evaporator Coil • Test Compressor Start Capacitor • Inspect Breaker & Disconnect • Inspect Contactor • Test Freon Levels • Test Compressor Amp Draw • Test All Wiring

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Connections • Measure & Test Temperature Drop • Check Filter • Clean Condenser Coil • Test for Proper Venting • Measure & Test Temperature Rise • Clean Blower Housing • Inspect Coil for Mold Like Debris • Inspect Condensate Drain • Clean Debris Around Inside A/C • Efficiency Performance Analysis • Lubricate Motor • Level & Clean Thermostat • Add Refrigerant (if needed) • Duct Inspection • Test and Calibrate Refrigerant Levels • Clean Condensate Drain • Test Static Pressure of System • Clean Inside of Condenser Coil • Check Carbon Monoxide Detector • Duct Capacity Calculation • Test Ignition System • Test Inducer Motor Amp Draw • Test Start Capacitor • Inspect Blower Wheel • Inspect Evaporator Coil • Test Flame Sensor

Learn more about our Referral Program Enhanced Services Ask about these important programs! Filters to Your Door: As our customer, we understand how busy you are… Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day. Filters to Your Door is an added program that allows you to easily check one more thing off your To-Do list. WE WILL HELP YOU TO SELECT THE FOLLOWING:

• What type of filters are best for your equipment • How often you want the filters delivered and installed

12 months a year (Once every month) or 6 months a year (Every other month) When signing up for a preferred customer contract, installation and delivery is FREE. You simply just purchase the filters through D&H Service. In addition: Water pads are replaced once a year in the fall. The replacement is free through our preferred customer contract. Carbon Monoxide Detectors Carbon Monoxide is an odorless/tasteless gas that can be potentially fatal. When heating your home with equipment that uses a flame, carbon monoxide can be omitted into the home if the equipment isn’t maintained and running properly. D&H Service will inspect all equipment that can create the potentially harmful gas and install a carbon monoxide detector. You will receive prompt service if your carbon monoxide detector goes off – any problem will be fixed immediately so that you are comfortable and confident that your heating system is operating safely inside your home. We recommend an annual check-up on your heating system. With the purchase of a carbon monoxide detector, we will include the assurance that the carbon monoxide detector is working properly for your comfort and safety year after year.